Release Notes for v1.2.48:
New Features:
- Updated 3G Modem Drivers (Huawei E1752, E173, E367, Sierra AirCard 250U)
- Provider List selection for 3G Modems,
- User Font support for the On-Screen Display (*.TTF, *.TTC formats) (Loadable from external USB storages)
- Russian Keyboard Support in Opera Web-Browser
- Easy Keyboard language switching (ALT+Shift) in Opera Web-Browser

- Improved SmartCard handling
- Improved Plug-In API for stability improvements
- Added Transponder informations in the Channel Manager / Favorites Manager menus
- Improved Audio/Video quality on analogue outputs
- Improved RCU response time
- Improved DiSEqC 1.2 / USALS functions (The receiver does not send GoTo-X command after every channel change. Only when changing between satellites)
- Improved EPG & DVB-Subtitle handling

- Conax descrambling problem after 30 minutes of usage
- Fixed the language issue causing YouTube to start in Russian inside Spark Portal
- Fixed an issue which caused the receiver to reset the database to default after software upgrades

Known Issues:
- In case of more than one line in DVB subtitle, the position of the subtitles are too low, which causes certain TV sets to cut off the bottom of the subtitle. (This issue is going to be fixed in the next upcoming release. Thank You for your patience)