I have bought from this worldwide Ebay seller a few times & while he may be in Dublin Ireland, his delivery times & shipping charges are reasonable. He is listed as a USA seller by ebay. And the prices are good.
He does change his inventory as demand & supply changes it seems so whatever you may have seen a few months ago may not be immediately available today.
Here is his store: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

Thus far I have bought one each of Technomate 5302, 5402-m3, a Ferguson Ariva 4K and a Formuler F1. Knew full well that I'd pretty much I'd be on my own for support as with any fleabay seller.
That is usually the given for fleabay. Technomate support sites in UK. Ferguson-digital.eu support in Poland. Formuler support in Germany.

I know someone else will chime in here about the usual Ti, hyper, or other so here's my acknowledgement of those.