Software or Firmware updates in appliance type fta receivers are called Image updates in enigma2 receivers.

Image updates for the MIO and other enigma2 receivers can be done online or by downloading and installing a new image. It is always a good idea to make a full image backup, or at least backup the settings before installing any updates. Most of the information for a particular user will be in the enigma2 folder, which is located at /etc of the receiver.

There is not much development being done in North America, so the majority of updates will not be noticed by average North American users. It is a good idea to know WHY you are updating a receiver before doing it, especially if the receiver is running well and does not have any real issues. What is being updated can usually be found in the commits which almost all images allow or provide a means to view. Most users in North America could get by with updating an enigma2 receiver once or twice a year or less. How often an enigma2 receiver needs updating will depend on different things, and also the preferences of the user.

Kernel updates may cause plugins and drivers to stop working because the plugins and drivers may need updating after the kernel is updated which takes time. The average user will not see anything different from a kernel update, but the kernel updates are important for future development. The MIO receiver is multiboot capable, and can have different kernels installed in multiboot without effecting receiver operation. You may also install or uninstall images with newer or older kernels without issue.

Usually receiver updates that will help or benefit users in North America will be announced. It does not hurt to update the receiver everyday, or every time updates are available, but be properly prepared in advance before doing this. Work is done all the time by many different people in order to make enigma2 images better. I appreciate and respect the efforts of everyone contributing to enigma2. EB