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    Restore Factory Edision Boot Logo for OSMIO4K
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    OE Alliance images may remove the factory boot logo and install their own instead. This can be confusing to users who have swapped or deleted images, but keep seeing the logo for it.

    Attached is a file that will restore the factory bootlogo to the Edision OSMIO4K. To use this file, do the following:
    (1) Download file, and extract it once. There should be a folder named osmio4k after you do this.
    (2) Place the extracted osmio4k folder onto a thumb drive or usb drive that is known to be good.
    (3) Insert drive with the osmio4k folder into the back of the osmio4k receiver.
    (4) Remove the power to the OSMIO4K, wait 3-5 seconds, then restore power.

    You may Reboot instead of removing power, but restarting enigma Will Not Work!
    You may remove the drive and delete the folder once the factory boot logo has been restored. Either remove power or reboot for the boot logo check.
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